60mph – 0 mph in 2 weeks.

I’m hoping my visits to Stefan (our Sports Therapist) and Liza (Osteopath) over the last 3 days have sorted my troublesome hip out. I have a very tight Psoas muscle (lower back to hip) which has thrown a spanner in the works and raised negative doubts. However, i am much more optimistic now after Stefan dug his elbow in my hip and nearly made me cry. And Liza pretending she was only giving me a cuddle before popping me like bubble wrap…which nearly made me cry again.

For the time being, no running at all for Mr Dave though. Patience and I dont mix, especially as we leave 7 weeks today.

We had another live Radio Solent interview this morning. The presenter eluded to me breezing round this challenge because of my athletic background-cough, cough, splutter, splutter-no chance. I’m under no illusions it will be absolute hell. We’ll need lots of support so please come and shout encouragement to two old men trying to do some good!! Please!!

About Dave Savage

Dave Savage is a former professional triathlete who in 2002 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

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