Race against time.

I have a race against time to get the hip sorted. I have a chiropracteur clicking me around (she’s nicknamed me Bubbles because I pop like bubble-wrap), a Sports Therapist digging his elbows into my hip flexor and now an Acupuncturist sticking needles in my bottom. Lets leave that one there shall we! 

I’ve been advised not to run. Its stuffed up the run training big time but it needs sorting. It may well be that I’m advise not to run at all before the event but if it means me having the best chance of getting round then I’ll do it.

2 months of no running will result in a big loss of fitness but its such a mental challenge and that side of things is pretty well trained.

About Dave Savage

Dave Savage is a former professional triathlete who in 2002 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

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