10 Days to go!

The rollercoaster ride that is the Great Wight Attack continues.  We had another (and final) training swim in the Itchen on Monday (11/07) evening.  In addition to this, the documentary guys John and Steve were filming  us (so no pressure to perform then! :o)

Im hoping that the swim training I have done over the previous months will all come together on the day and then all I have to do is grit my teeth for the run.  I tried a 4 mile easy run to test out the injury a couple of days ago and it held together, but now its cotton wool time as there isnt enough time to build up the distance without risking further injury.

Fingers crossed as in 10 days its the real deal! 

Thanks again so much to the team at the Watersports centre and the support team as well as the documentary guys for their help.


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Martyn Kennaugh describes himself as an ‘ordinary bloke’ who decided to use the triathlon to lose some weight and get fit.

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