GWA funnies….

After battering myself over a 2 hour run, dribbling and doubled over trying to catch my breath, an elderly man who was sat on a nearby bench observed “you’re tired arent you”!

Pupils from Thornhill Primary: “are you really rich and famous cos my Mum wants to know?”

“Are you quicker than Usain Bolt?”

“Why are you wearing tights?”

When Martyn was asked his reasoning for doing the challenge, one of his answers was “to put on weight”!

Steve (cameraman for the documentry) dropping the rather pricey camera whilst filming fitness testing. Only funny after the event though Steve!!

My new wetsuit filling up with water during a swim because I’d lost so much weight after being ill.

About Dave Savage

Dave Savage is a former professional triathlete who in 2002 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

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