Documentary wins National Film Award and goes Olympic.

Absolutely delighted to reveal that a 3 minute edit of the documentary has won the Panasonic Film Shorts Award in its catagory. The ceremony for the documentary makers was in Shoreditch, London and presented by T4’s Rick Edwards. The Award was presented by film director Nirpal Boughal. The prize is that it will be shown at Olymipc venues during the Games and is currently being shown on Panasonic  ‘live screens’ around the country.

It was a mad night thereafter. Thats all I’m saying!!

Particular thanks to Stephen and Jon for their hard work and to all at Thornhill Primary School. Without your “likes” we would never have been nominated.

Thanks to all that voted.

About Dave Savage

Dave Savage is a former professional triathlete who in 2002 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

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