ASA/Kelloggs Award

I’m delighted to announce that I recieved a runner-up award at the ASA/Kelloggs Swimtastic Award in Sheffield in the fundraising catagory as nominated by Soton General Hospital for my Ride To Spain and GWA adventures.

With £33000 raised and PLANETS now topping the £50000 mark, its all been worthwhile.

Documentary wins National Film Award and goes Olympic.

Absolutely delighted to reveal that a 3 minute edit of the documentary has won the Panasonic Film Shorts Award in its catagory. The ceremony for the documentary makers was in Shoreditch, London and presented by T4’s Rick Edwards. The Award was presented by film director Nirpal Boughal. The prize is that it will be shown at Olymipc venues during the Games and is currently being shown on Panasonic  ‘live screens’ around the country.

It was a mad night thereafter. Thats all I’m saying!!

Particular thanks to Stephen and Jon for their hard work and to all at Thornhill Primary School. Without your “likes” we would never have been nominated.

Thanks to all that voted.

Short documentary gets aired.

Stephen and Jon’s 7 minute edit of the documentary got aired on the Community Channel a couple of days ago. Forwarded by Terry Wogan no less. Its strange seeing a years worth of hard graft put into such a short space of time but it gives good snapshot into what on earth it was all about! The bit of me in the bath was a bit disturbing in a couple of ways!

We had a Ball !! And smashed our target!!

Last night was our Charity Ball which was attended by over 200 guests many of which left with lighter wallets and full stomachs. Oh, and waking up with sore heads! Personally it was incredible to see both the dance group from the Pacific Islands of my birth performing and also my Dads choir.


I estimate the evening raised approx £9000 which is mind blowing and means we absolutely smashed our target. Get in!!


Thanks to everyone who attended. What a night.

Charity Ball tickets go up for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the conclusion to our adventures, we are organising a Charity Ball to be held at the Novotel, Southampton on 3rd September. Its open to the public and would be great to see as many of you there as possible. Absolute bargain at £38 considering the acts involved, the quality of food available and the venue. Also some incredible auction prizes are up for grabs, not to mention the raffle – all to be compaired by the hilariuos Mike Osman. Promises to be a cracker. To buy your tickets, simply follow the links on this website. The night will be recorded as part of the documentry so bring your best smiles and evening wear!

The aftermath.

The mop up process is well and truly underway. Sponsors flags and gazebos sent back, legs completely recovered, ribs back where they live and phase two already underway. Phase two being the Charity Ball we’re organising on 3rd September.

GWA was a huge sucess which bore the fruits of everyones labour. As soon as the GWA tools were put down, the team were back around the table with the sole focus now on finalising the party. Incredible commitment. Also cant believe we are up to £21,000 raised on the webpage.

We did it !!!!!!!!!

Day 1 – 3 mile swim and 20 mile run.

What a send off. Couldn’t believe how many people came to the beach to see us off. Good media coverage too. Beautiful morning with clear skies, calm waters and shoals of mackerel jumping out of the sea. Felt relaxed, motivated and focussed. The Set-Up Team had done a fantastic job setting everything up making the location look stunning. The swim took 2 hours 10 mins. I drank too much of the Solent on the way so the run didnt go to plan at all as had bad stomach cramps. An onlooker suggested it may be because of my shorts before asking “do you want a cigarette?”. Run style went to pot as i was trying to compensate for the cramps. Calves and adductors cramped badly throughout but made it round. The land teams (on mainland and on Ryde) and the water team were superb.

Day 2 – 30 mile run.

Legs were tight but found good momentum so started to run freely. The run through Needles raised lots of money thanks to the wonderful bucket shaking team. The stopping broke momentum and found it hard to get going again so the second half was brutal to the point I wanted to lie at the side of the road. It was at this point I constantly reminded myself of the reasons I was doing it. Things like Mr Volley tracking us down to give out rock cakes (ps delicious!!), cars sounding horns, people of the sides of the roads clapping and encouraging and police taking time to offer their support all helped lots. It was clear the island knew what what we were doing. The documentry makers filmed me getting into a cold bath on my return (with shorts on). None of us could have predicted what was to come next. With my legs barely able to support my body weight, I went into shock. Upon looking back at the footage, it looked like I was having a fit. Andy (media representative) said he felt uncomfortable recording it and wanted to stop filming to help me but was essential I stayed in the bath if I was to have any chance of completing the following day. Again, Stefan worked wonders on my legs. A local pub hosted a quiz that evening so we all went for a meal and gave the winners their prizes. Thanks to Andy at The Folly.

Day 3 – Bit of a lie-in as shorter distances meant a later start. This gave me the opportunity to get more food and drink down, pack bags and stretch lots. I didnt expect to be able to run at all today but was very pleased as I ran a scorcher and seemed to be back at Ryde in no time. Big learning curve. The swim back was great fun. I found myself having a good laugh with Jim in the kayak during the swim, making faces at eachother and nlaughing. It was nice to get off the legs and use a part of my body that wasnt screaming. Once again, ‘Kayak Jim’ and ‘Commadore Powell’ and his team were emmense and saw us back safely.

Let the party commence! Fireworks, joyous celebrations, lots of hugs (I think i knew most of the recipients), champagne corks popping and an incredible amout of people on the beach to see us in. The lads from Hampshie Ambulance checked me out and other than a bit of hypothermia, all was well.

So many people on the beach. Thanks to everyone for showing their support and believing in both us and the cause. There are so many people to thank. It simply wouldnt have happened without your selfless support. Hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of hard work have gone into making this event possible.


Final day check list:

Bags for hotel, kayak, transition area, support van, start/warm up – CHECK.

Washing up done from the last 3 months – CHECK.

Final light jog to make sure body still works – CHECK.

Hampshire Ambulance booked for our return – CHECK.

Run shorts with the hole in thrown away – CHECK.

Goggles given the once over to make sure the lads haven’t tipexed over the lenses again – CHECK.

DJ playlist scrutinised for any naughty words. ie no Eminem – CHECK.

Sanity checked, packed and ready to go? – BUGGER.



Relaxed, raring and ready.

Suddenly 6 days to go seems like an age simply because Ive got myself to where I want to be mentally and physically and now I just want to get on with it.

 Getting the balance between keeping a lid on the fire that burneth beneath and staying relaxed is tricky as i’m not a patient person! My heart says “lets kick some arse”  but my head says “be cautious and dont over-do things”. Early nights, plenty of stretching, keeping well hydrated and relaxing will continue to form part of my taper process. This gets blended in with low intensity runs, swimming drill sets and half weight/double repetition weights work.

I’ve done some good runs since recovering from the bronchial infection and longer-term hip problem. I feel very relieved the hip hasn’t reacted and would like to thank the medical team very much.

The coiled spring is getting tighter every day but I’ll have to hold it down for another 6 days when I’ll be  fully ready to unleash.

Great Wight Attack Event Schedule

The Proposed (Summary) Event Schedule.

Day 1 – Monday 25/07/2011 – Start  Pebbles Beach , Stokes Bay, Gosport

07.40 Dave & Martyn Arrive

08.00 Hospitality Tent Opens

08.15 Press Conference on Beach

09.15 Kayaks Enter Water / RIB Support in Position

09.30 Dave & Martyn Start Swim to Isle of Wight

12.00 Swimmers Arrive – Ryde Beach (West)

12.15 Dave & Martyn Begin Day 1 Run

14.00 Run Passes Through Shanklin / Sandown

16.00 Day 1 Run Finishes – Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight


Day 2 – Tuseday 26/07/2011 – Start Blackgang Chine, Isle of Wight

10.00 Day 2 Run Begins (Past Needles at around 11.45)

13.00 Runners Pass Through Alum Bay

16.00 Day 2 Run Finishes – Newport Square, Isle of Wight


Day 3 – Wednesday 27/07/2011 – Start Newport Square, Isle of Wight

14.30 Dave & Martyn Leave Newport Square

17.00 Day 3 Run Finishes at Western Gardens, Ryde, Isle of Wight

17.15 Kayaks Enter Water / RIB Support in Position

17.30 Day 3 Swim Starts

20.15 Swimmers Arrive at Pebbles Beach, Stokes Bay, Gosport.

20.30 Event Celebration and Close