Feeling sharp.

Training been going well lately and have moved up a gear. I still have one more gear left though and when that happens, I’ll be where I both want and need to be. Anything short of that would result in a DNF.

Sessions such as last weeks rib and kayak supported ‘dummy run’ swim and a 2 hour run I did play a key part. That was fun. Let’s just say wind met tide resulting in Force 6, blowing 7.

Keeping injuries at bay and listening to what my body is telling me are crucial. At the moment I have niggles to my left shoulder and right hip/hamstring which our Sports Therapist, Stefan Saunders is addressing. Relieved to know a long standing wrist problem isn’t arthritis.

I’ve set myself an 8 day training camp starting next week. This will be nasty because I’ll make it that way.

Time is ticking.

Doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were sat down sipping wine wondering what our next challenge could be. Now, with 9 weeks to go with helicopters, boats, TV documentaries, fireworks, media attention, school involvement, a 10 person committee, setting up our own charity, 6 Council applications and risk assessments later, its within touching distance. Oh yea, and a bit of training.

I’ve taken time off work to try and get ahead of things as the “To Do” list gets longer.

Support has been beyond words. There is no way GWA could ever grown to the size it has without the help of our Committee. Thanks again guys.

And also thanks to those who support me in many different ways. Sometimes its the little things like standing on steps encouraging me when I go by and believing in me and the project.

Feeling very old today

Did a 16 mile run today. I’m so glad I have 3 months left to train because it made me realise what stresses on the body this challenge will create. Hips, knees and soles of feet need strengthening.  This will be brutal few weeks. Also need to do some outdoor sessions without sunnies on as Panda eyes are going on.

I passed the Cadbury World test

Went to visit Auntie and Uncle in Bourneville yesterday and went to Cadbury World. So much temptation in my way, but I shall not waiver. However, the visit did re-inforce that I still  have a thing for the Cadburys Flake Bunny.

Braving the elements.

Martyn and I did our first open water swim off Stokes Bay last night. We exited the water in a shade of Smurf-like ‘radioactive’ blue. You know its cold when the fish look startled to see you in April! They must have thought “we have to do this, but you?”

Brutal training – love it.

In order for us to suceed, its simple. Train hard, make sacrifices and remain focussed. The fact is I enjoy the mental and physical battle and the brutality in pushing my body to its maximum. Grrrrr! Come on then Paula Radcliffe, i’ll have ya!

Swimming going well. Cracked off a decent time for a 2 mile straigh swim but most importantly, felt strong throughout.

Diet also going well. Still off the booze – not even a wine gum.

Mike Osman agrees to Compare our Charity Ball

Great news in that the comedian, Mike Osman, has agreed to host/compare our Charity Ball in September. We have a truly memorable night of entertainment lined up including Pacific Island Dancers, a magician, band, red carpet entrance, choir, 3 course dinner and of course the auction with some incredible prizes on offer. To have Mike Compare the evening caps it off nicely.

Sea King Helicopter approval

Gosport Council have approved the Navy Risk Assesment which means we will be dropped off on Stokes Bay by Sea King Helicopter which will then sit for 90 mins so people can look round it before performing a ‘fly-by’ to signify the start of the event.

Today a group of us surveyed both the Stokes Bay and Ryde sites. Still plenty to do. Growth of event and peoples willingness to help still overwhelming.

Thanks for pushing me so hard on that run B. No way I could have sustained that pace on my own. I haven’t run that hard for 10 years.

Pace, practice and patience.

Not wanting to tempt fate but training is going very well. Swim training has clicked as the run did last month. A bit of improvement on my underwater pulling technique (no other way to put it really!) should do the trick. I’ve incorporated a little more ‘bite’ in my training as I’m now fit enough to do so. If I’d done this much earlier, I’d have been swimming depths not lengths and spending more time in the jacuzzi and recovery room than the pool.

Push, push, push

I trained for the first time today in two weeks after illness and felt like I was starting from the beginning again. I lost 5kg in weight so no surprise I felt week! With only four months to go, I have to train hard, consistantly and intelligently. I’m fit but not superfit and I will need to be because I’m not in this to fail.