Losing the Xmas pounds

Managed to get a few training session in this week (starting to shift the Xmas pounds I was sure I wasn’t going to put on!) as well as filming the promo dvd yesterday….Cue Take 250!


Julie was away on a well earned break (not jealous honest!) this weekend so I had the kids on my own for the weekend for the first time so no time to train (apart from running around after children. Talk about shattered.  I now understand why Julie is so pleased to see me when I get home from work in the evenings.

Sleep Walking!

Isle of Wight Recce with Dave, Basia and Noel – I managed to get one hour sleep last night which meant I was struggling to keep my eyes open on our tour of the island….not my most productive day but some good filmed interviews on the Wightlink ferry.  in addition we managed to identify some potential run slots for additional runners to join us on sponsored route sections.

A bad night in the Jump seat

My turn to do the night time feeds.  Both little uns poorly with Vomiting and Diahorrea bug, so up all night, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired!

We’ve created a Monster!

Struggling with the balance – there is so much work involved in the organisation of the event (meetings, emails,  filming etc) that I am struggling to get time with my family.  I don’t think anyone realised how big this event was going to become.

Just when you think things have improved

No problems with achilles for a few weeks.  First run after Xmas and suffering my injury again, treatment sought in the form of calf massage and stretching.  Hope it clears up soon.

Caitlin has Colic!

Our one month old has Colic – For the three weeks following Xmas, permanent screaming for her, no sleep for us….poor little mite….poor us!

Im injured!

5 miles of speed interval running and I had to pull out due to pains in my Left Achilles tendon, will leave the running until after xmas to let it heal.

Fitness Tests

Fitness testing went better than expected but was totally punishing (inc blood lactate, vo2 max) though I definitely need to lose a few pounds before the event next year!  Add to this I had to have my chest shaved for the sensors…..ouch!