Training Overview

We have a big challenge ahead of us, so good preperation is essential and because endurance events have a habit of messing up joints such as knees, hips and shoulders, we’ll be hitting the gym to help build up strength around these areas.

In addition specific calf, quad, abductor and adductor work will be done – neither of us is 21 anymore!

Fartlek training will form a key area of our preparation – and no it doesn’t mean a diet of baked beans for 6 months prior to the challenge!

Fartlek which means “speed play” in Swedish, is a form of conditioning which puts stress on the entire aerobic energy system due to the continuous nature of the exercise.

The difference between this type of conditioning and continuous training, is that the intensity or speed of the exercise varies, meaning that aerobic and anaerobic systems can both be put under stress and developed.

Most Fartlek sessions last a minimum of 45 minutes and can vary from aerobic walking to anaerobic sprinting. Fartlek training is generally associated with running, but can include almost any kind of exercise.

In short, its a case of training wisely, consistently and recovering before going again – we aim to train hard and are committed to the cause but realistically, there is no training that can fully prepare us for what lies ahead.