Pancreatic Cancer

This disease is one of the most prolific forms of cancer in the UK and 21 people are diagnosed with it EVERY DAY. Cancer Research say that the proportion of those surviving is very low, with the typical length of time between diagnosis and death being under six months.

The new scanner that is the basis of the Great Wight Attack appeal would make early diagnosis and therefore the survival odds of people suffering from this disease significantly more favourable.

Brian Stedman is a consultant in pancreatic cancer at Southampton General Hospital and knows only too well how important it is for everyone to get behind Dave and Martyn and support the challenge.

’’Our ability to identify these tumours is determined by our targeting equipment – with Dave and Martyn’s generosity we hope to acquire a new ultrasound machine specifically for use during treatment within both radiological and surgical procedures.’’

Dave: ’’The experience I had with my cancer scare was terrifying and whilst I was OK, others aren’t. My ideal is that the money we raise from this challenge will buy a machine that can diagnose this form of cancer in its early stages so it can be treated.’’

Martyn: “When my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer I felt completely helpless and that there was little or nothing I could do for him – My principal reason for taking on this crazy challenge is that I now feel that I can help make a difference.”