Dave Savage – “Show me the enemy and I’ll fight it.”

Here we go again! I often ask myself why on earth I do this – why push my body to it’s limit – and the answer is simple. Because by doing so and raising a few quid, maybe in the future others won’t have to go through what I did – I can’t just have an experience like that and not feel compelled to try and make a difference.

Now I can’t write books, design buildings or tap dance but what I can do is swim, ride a bike and run a little – it also probably helps that I’m not quite right in the head and get a kick out of seeing what I’m physically capable of!

Which brings me nicely onto the Great Wight Attack – I realise its bonkers and with a strong element of risk. Maybe in a few years I’ll be more inclined to do a sponsored “knit-a-thon” but for the time being, it’s me and Martyn against the elements for a very worthy cause – bring it on!

How it started…maybe too many glasses of red wine at Martyn’s house but basically we agreed that we hadn’t done enough fundraising and needed to take on another challenge following Martyn’s ‘Half Ironman’ and my ‘Ride to Spain’ adventure.

We wanted to do something together that had never been done before, that would push us to our limits and in Martyn, I have a great friend, source of inspiration and training partner who for some insane reason finds physical pain funny – boy, are we gonna be in stitches!!