Nothing about this challenge will be easy and when it comes to swimming across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, we have to prepare extremley carefully.

We are predicting day 3 to be the toughest, purely because of the fatigue resulting from the previous day. To pull on trainers the day after a 30 mile run will be emotional but we need to make absolutley sure that we have enough left in the tank to swim the return leg of the Solent again.

We have identified in consultation with our ‘Swim Support Team’ from the University of Southampton Watersports Department and Noel Charlton of Wightlink Ferries, the best ‘neap tide’ to swim through in order to give us the best chance of a successful crossing.

When all is said and done we are going to be at the mercy of Mother Nature, so will train with the worst case scenario in mind and practice certain open water techniques such as the use of a ‘higher recovering arm’.

As is the case with our running programme we have set ourselves some goals including 3 x 1500′ swims with 30 secs between each set as: 1) fins and hand paddles; 2) just paddles: 3) a straight swim by 1st February.