Ups and Downs

As the organisation for the event has been coming together in the last couple of months, the training for the event has been a real rollercoaster ride.  Swimming is still going well (a couple of hours in the sea last night was again good for building confidence. 

The run has taken a dive again with more problems with my left ankle, although the achilles problem is currently not an issue, I have torn a muscle in my lower left calf which is now strapped up.  With 3 weeks to go,this means I most likely have to go to plan B…..NO RUN TRAINING before the event, hope it heals and turn up on the day……hmmm I have had better strategies!

About Martyn Kennaugh

Martyn Kennaugh describes himself as an ‘ordinary bloke’ who decided to use the triathlon to lose some weight and get fit.

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