GWA visits Thornhill Primary School

What a great day at Thornhill Primary School in Southampton. A big thanks to Mr Collins and colleagues for organising the day. We launched the PLANETS logo competition, did a bit of run coaching, sprint races and  had good Q&A sessions with some great questions coming my way. These included “are you quicker than Usain Bolt?” and “is the continual motion of front crawl the same principle as a propeller on a boat?” Incredible.

The school boasts some fine athletes with natural talent who can be as good as they chose to be. More importantly, all of them can boast infectious big smiles that lit up that playing field.

 Looking forward to attending the kids swim/run challenge next week. If this will  include a swimming race as a follow up to the run race, i’d better get some additional training in!

About Dave Savage

Dave Savage is a former professional triathlete who in 2002 competed at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.


  1. Rachel (sis) says:

    Hey, bro!
    I´m really, really proud of you and am just astonished at all you´re achieving!!
    I love reading your blog and think you´ve got a great sense of humor. The neighbours might be wondering why I´m laughing out loud, but I didn´t tell them my brother got a needle stuck in his butt :)
    Keep going! We´re all budding for you. Stay healthy and don´t do yourself no more damage.
    Have tried to donate but need to sort out the verification.
    Lots of love Sis

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