Thanks for your support

Now we are so close to the event, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported both us and the event.  I know my Dad would have been proud with how much we have achieved.  I hope you will all be there to see us off on our big departure and (hopefully safe) arrival home.

Kindest regards,


About Martyn Kennaugh

Martyn Kennaugh describes himself as an ‘ordinary bloke’ who decided to use the triathlon to lose some weight and get fit.


  1. Roberto says:

    Keep those muscles well stretched, Martyn! I just read they will be populating the Isle with man-eating lions on Monday, to make things more entertaining :)
    Good luck!

    • Martyn Kennaugh says:

      Hi Roberto,
      Thanks for all your support. Good news about the lions; I was beginning to think the challenge was looking a bit to easy ;o)
      PS Think I forgot something when I left today, but dont worry i will catch up soon for a total reuild!
      All the best,

      • No worries about that, I didn’t forget it but today was on me, just a little contribution for the big event ^_^

        • Martyn Kennaugh says:

          Thanks so much for your support Roberto, 2 days down and 1 to go. Physically I’m sore and everything aches but nothing has dropped off

          Catch up soon.


  2. Alan White says:

    Hi mate not long now, try and enjoy the event, and raise lots of money, good luck.
    Just to think a couple of years ago we went out on a 10 mile time trial together at Salisbury at
    look what trouble thats got you into too. good luck and enjoy it if you can and have fun. thinking of you all
    the way round.

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