Time to see the doc!

Its gone again!  I have been so careful with not overdoing it but my achilles has flared up again.  I am arranging a doctors appointent tomorrow so fingers crossed for the wonders of medical science!

The Achilles heal!

Ironic that at the moment my achilles heal is my achilles tendon!  Have done a couple of short runs in the last week but am still testing the water.  Its a slow process but Im building it back up again.  Spent an hour in the gym today and really pushed myself to the limits….think Im going to hurt tomorrow :o)

Dave and I are on Radio Solent again on Wednesday morning (6.45am) so switch your radios on.  We have had some sponsorship pledges which will help us towards our target which is great news but we still have a long way to go!

Happy Birthday Holly!

It was Holly’s 2nd birthday today, I can believe how fast time has gone!  Had a great day with the girls and Holly had her first haircut (with Sparkles which I now seem to be wearing :o)

Swimming is going ok, managed 2 miles in the pool on Thursday so starting build it up.  Having said that, the Chlorine is pretty strong and I’ll be glad to hit open water in a couple of weeks when Lakeside opens for the season.  Water at the begining of the year at 6am is not normally much more than 10 degrees….brrrrr

Tried a 2 mile run today, still  struggling a bit with the achilles but managed a steady but light 2 miler.  Onward and upward!

Getting Fitter

This week the training has started to pick up.  I have had a bit more sleep stil and managed to get several key training sessions in (3x sessions in the pool and 2x sessions in the gym) add to that I have lost a couple of pounds so am feeling the love.  I still have some pain in my left calf / achilles but am avoiding training the area.  Will give it a few more weeks of rest and treatment before I give it another test.


Ok, so Im still not getting much sleep but I am getting a few training sessions in.  Holly (our 2 year old) went into her big girls bed for the first time last night and spent the night sleeping in different places on the floor… a bit like Crocodile dundee (Our job is to get up all through the night and put her back into bed)….Apparently sleepwalking runs in the family!  Got back in the gym today and even though I was tired, had a good session.  Up at 5.15am tomorrow for some recovery swimming.

Man flu!

Ok, its 5.15am on Sunday morning and I’m doing the 2nd small person feed of the night (first one was at 3am).  I’m so shattered!  Have now got a dose of man flu as have managed to get a bit run down from all the early mornings (mostly training).  Finding a balance is not easy at all.  I am going to take a couple of days out of training to come back at it fresh (history has taught me that if you continue burning the candle when the wick has gone, you dont get a lot of light!)

Turbo powered….not!

Bike Turbo training tonight, punishing session and a good workout but…. Pain again in my Achilles.  Looks like Im going to have to stick with the swim until it has healed properly….Tomorrow morning we are on Radio Solent again.

Training rethink required!

Tried a gentle run to see how my Achilles tendon was faring….3 miles in and it started to flare up…..Bugger!  Training rethink required.  It’s a good job the run is only 60 miles :o(

First key training session

Did my first key training session today.  Was hard to get out of bed but its now or never.  Pyramid swim set:

4x100m; 2x200m; 1x400m; 2x200m; 4x100m (Total 2000m). 

Wet suits arrived from Orca, wow, they really look the part.  Call me Mr Softy but we just need a bit of warm weather to get out in the open water and try them out.

More bedlam!

Had the kids on my own for the weekend whilst Julie had a shopping / revival weekend with her mum (we definintely need to talk :o).   I did draft in reinforcements this weekend in the shape of my mum, which was a great help.